Westbury Bio Hub


Grid injection




Agri-Food/Organic waste



Emissions Reduction

15,000 tCO2/a




1022 Nm3/h (880 GJ/d)

Solid digestate

45,000 (25% dm) t/a

Liquid digestate

158,000 (3% dm) t/a

The Westbury-BioHub will be at the heart of the Valley Central Circular Economy precinct. It will enable organic waste within 200 km of the Westbury industrial area to be converted into renewable energy and organic fertiliser, creating a circular economy system that will benefit local communities and deliver significant outcomes for Tasmania.

Optimal Renewable Gas (ORG) has been working with businesses across Tasmania since early 2022 to develop an organic waste to biomethane (renewable gas) plant at Westbury – the Westbury-BioHub. The Westbury-BioHub has strong support from Meander Valley Council who see the project as “significant for the region”.

The first of its type in Australia, the project enables a “plug-in” anaerobic digestion solution to process organic waste streams and provide a reliable supply of renewable gas via existing gas infrastructure.

The project will deliver a decarbonisation pathway solution for hard-to-abate sectors, such as industrial heat and provide an improved pathway for managing organic waste and residues. It will also leverage existing gas infrastructure to improve the poor reliability and intermittency of small-scale “behind-the-meter” investments from individual businesses.