The green circle™ is a circular economy IT platform that allows Optimal Renewable Gas customers to track how their organic waste and residues are transformed and re-introduced in the economy as renewable gas (biogas/biomethane) and organic nutrients (digestate).
Value added for companies joining Optimal Renewable Gas projects.

The green circle™ generated QR code helps to track:

  • organic waste provenance

  • renewable gas (biogas/biomethane) production

  • Fossil fuel displaced

  • digestate production

  • Net CO2(e) benefit of the waste/residue stream

A powerful marketing tool to show your customers sustainability and circular economy benefits of your organic waste and residues.

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A full automated circular economy platform.

Monitoring, Report and Validation (MRV) implemented using IOT devices and very low energy demand blockchain

Different certification scheme available

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Who can join the Green Circle™?

Organic waste and residue generators (Feedstock suppliers)
Users of renewable gases (off-takers)
Organic fertilizer producers/users (by-product off-takers)
Biogenic CO2 users (by-product off-takers)

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