Whilst Australia’s electricity network has benefited from the expansion of renewable energy, pilot projects for the decarbonisation of the gas network have only just begun.

Natural gas plays a key part of the Australian energy mix, relied upon in industry, commercial and domestic users for process and domestic heat, the grid for dispatchable power, and for industry as a feedstock for many critical products. Natural gas is delivered to businesses and homes through gas networks across the country, or through 'virtual pipelines' - trucked as compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquified natural gas (LNG).

While regarded as a low-emission source of energy, natural gas is nonetheless a fossil fuel. As the energy landscape has changed, Australian industry is ramping up its efforts to decarbonise their businesses. Renewable gas, produced from organic waste, provides a form of energy that is net zero within the carbon cycle, paving the way to meet Australia’s international emissions targets.

Using our technical and commercial expertise, we will bring renewable gas to consumers through the existing gas network – pipeline or virtual pipeline – for a simple, clean and competitive alternative to fossil fuel natural gas. An added benefit of renewable gas projects will be to divert waste from landfills. The decomposition of this waste leads to the fugitive emission of methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than CO2. In application, this factor could far outweigh the direct emissions benefits of the avoided fossil fuels.

Spread across the 10 planned sites, Optimal Renewable Gas will provide:

Direct emissions benefits of 10 x 1.1 TJ per day Optimal Renewable Gas facilities

1,277,500 t

of waste diverted from landfill per annum

4,161 TJ

of natural gas replaced per annum

18.4 MW

Produces the same amount of renewable gas as a 18.4 MW hydrogen electrolyser

10,184,543 trees

Same amount of CO2 absorbed by 10,184,543 trees

Indirect emissions benefits of 10 x 1.1 TJ per day Optimal Renewable Gas facilities


Diverts 1,277,500 tpa of waste from reaching landfill and reducing harmful fugitive methane emissions

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