The 2023 Industrial Net Zero conference was a great success!

By Thesshanth Vasudev4 October 2023

The Industrial Net Zero conference which was held in Sydney this year was a huge success! The forum allowed leaders in manufacturing, metals, energy, transportation, mining, and heavy industries to come together and focus on practical strategies to reduce emissions while retaining energy reliability and affordability.

On Day 1 of the conference, our Managing Director, Mike Davis, presented and spoke of the need for a broader focus on supporting an energy system transition, rather than just electrification. He was also on a panel of respected industry leaders such as Karen Dobson, Michael Brooks, Elizabeth Ratnam, and Paul Verschuer. Together they examined many of the critical factors for a successful transition to renewable energy supply. Mike brought balance to the renewable energy discussion by emphasising the collective benefits of biomethane as a reliable and responsive form of renewable energy that can utilise existing gas infrastructure and its inherent storage to transition difficult or costly to electrify energy demand such as industrial heat and heavy vehicle transport.