Mike Davis was a guest in The Engaging ESG & Sustainability Podcast

By Thesshanth Vasudev30 November 2023

Kevin Warner from The Engaging ESG & Sustainability Podcast was recently joined by Bronwyn See, who is a Fellow at the University of Melbourne; Mike Davis, our own managing director; and Jordan McCollum, the National Policy Manager at APGA, to discuss all things Biogas and the opportunities, challenges and barriers Australia has in this area.

An interesting insight that was brought up by Bronwyn See, is the pace at which countries such as the USA and China are growing their Biogas industry, given the right policy settings and consumer attitudes. Mike Davis / ORG’s MD suggested that one way to address attitudes in Australia is to stop thinking of waste as waste and start thinking about it as a resource that we could to use to power various industries in our country.

They also brought about the issue of aggregation and how disparate waste streams can be brought into central facilities to be processed into renewable gas, which is often raised as a concern with biogas and biomethane. But Jordan points out we have already solved similar problems such as these regarding unconventional gas, that was in many tiny wells until we figured out how to aggregate it into one central location and process them there, which will most likely find a similar solution for renewable gas.

Listen to the full podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/bronwyn-see-mike-davis-and-jordan-mccollum-biogas-panel/id1677234391?i=1000617763849