Michelson Alexander Podcast appearance by our Managing Director

By Thesshanth Vasudev30 November 2023

Michael Davis (our Managing Director) recently went on the fantastic Michelson Alexander Podcast to have a very honest and frank conversation about the future of renewable gas in Australia. The conversation ranged from discussing the misconceptions around biomethane, such as it being grouped in with fossil gas, to why we are so far behind European countries in this department. The importance of renewable gas to reach net zero emissions was also discussed, especially regarding hard-to-electrify use cases such as industrial heating, heavy vehicle transport, responsive power generation, etc. Moreover, they mentioned renewable gas’ ability to alleviate the organic and landfill waste issues we are currently facing, by using that waste to create energy we can use.

Instead of just recognising these issues, Michael pointed out what we can do address this situation and catch up to other OECD countries, whether that be through policy solutions such as incentivising businesses to contract renewable gas similar to how we can currently contract renewable electricity and having a renewable gas target in addition to the renewable electricity target that we have. He also discussed what we will do as a company to address this issue, such as developing 10 large scale biomethane projects by 2030, with the first one being in Westbury, Tasmania.

Listen to the full podcast here: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/michelson-alexander/episodes/Can-gas-be-good–Michelson-Alexander-Explains—-Renewable-Gas-with-Mike-Davis-e252rfc/a-a9uemt3